Best Christmas Food and Wine Pairings

As the holidays approach, you may wonder what food and wine pairings to serve at your Christmas dinner. Here are some of the best combinations to enjoy this holiday season!


  • Roasted turkey with Vitino: The lightness of Acquaviva’s Vitino pairs well with the rich flavor of roasted turkey.
  • Garlic Shrimp: This holiday appetizer is best enjoyed with a crisp white wine like our Prairie Star.
  • Stuffed Mushrooms: These savory appetizers go well with a sparkling wine like our Bolle.
  • Cheese Board: A cheese board featuring various types of cheese is best enjoyed with a please-everyone red wine like Frontenac. However, if you want to individualize your wine and cheese experience, there are lovely pairings for every kind of cheese:
    • Hard cheese: Donna Mia, Don Guiseppe, or a port-like wine like Letale.
    • Soft cheese: Fiore or Rose.
    • Blue cheese: Brianna, Bianco Bello, or Dolce di Mele (Apple Port).
    • Goats cheese: Prairie Star or Vitino.

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Main Course

  • Roasted ham with Brianna: The sweetness of Brianna complements the salty flavor of ham perfectly.
  • Beef tenderloin with Don Guiseppe: The bold flavor of Don Guiseppe stands up to the rich taste of beef tenderloin.
  • Salmon with a Donna Mia: The buttery flavor of Donna Mia pairs well with the fatty goodness of salmon.
  • Roasted turkey with gravy and a white wine such as Fiore or a light red like Vitino.

Side Dishes

  • Mashed potatoes: They pair nicely with a buttery Donna Mia.
  • Green beans: A light-bodied white wine like Fiore is a good choice to pair with green beans.


  • Christmas pudding with Letale (port-like): The sweetness of Letale is the perfect match for the rich, spiced flavor of Christmas pudding.
  • Apple pie goes well with a semi-sweet white wine such as Prairie Star.
  • Chocolate cake pairs great with a red such as Frontenac or Vitino.
  • Christmas cookies: serve these sweet treats with a dessert wine like Brianna or Dolce di Mele.
  • Acquaviva’s Christmas Wine, a sweet red, or our Winter White (both with gentle hints of cinnamon and nutmeg) are delicious served as dessert all on their own.

It does not matter what you serve. Just make sure you are enjoying the company around you. Happy Holidays from everyone here at Acquaviva!

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