2012 Piacere (Currently Out of Stock)

Dry With Soft And Elegant Aromatic Expression.


2013 Frontenac

Aromas Of Black Cherry And Toasted Vanilla.


2014 Bianco Bello

Balanced And Fresh, With A Slightly Sweet Taste.


2014 Don Giuseppe

Complex, Full Bodied Red Blend.


2014 Donna Mia

A Medium Bodied White Blend With Citrus Notes.


2014 Fiore Della Vigna

Bold, Light-Bodied White Blend.


2015 Brianna

A Delicate Yet Concentrated Harmony Of Citrus.


2015 Prairie Star

Delicate Grass Aromas, Notes Of Tangerine.


2015 Vitino

A Flawless Balance Of Flavor And Aroma.



Semi-dry Sparkling Wine.


Christmas Wine

Semi-sweet Red Wine Blend, Mulling Spices.


Grand Rosé

Elegant, Medium-Bodied Rosé.


Marquette 2016

Classic Medium bodied French Style Red Wine produced with 100% Illinois grown grapes.



White Wine Blend with Natural Fruit.


VB 1947 Reserve

Medium-bodied, red wine signature blend made in 2010, aged.



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Produced & Bottled in Maple Park, IL

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