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Guest House

Our Guest House features six highly appointed and beautifully furnished rooms, each with a private bath and a stunning view of the Vineyard Estate, and situated just a short walk from the Winery and Vineyard. A relaxing glass of wine or savory cheese platter await at The Wine Market, just steps away. 

Our concierge will be able to help guests plan a visit so each get away is exactly what it should be. With Chicago less than one hour’s drive east, the possibilities for perfection are endless. 

In addition to wedding parties, winery visitors, vacationers, and business travelers, the Guest House will accommodate private getaways for teams, small group retreats, and gatherings. 

Wedding Party rentals: Call 630-365-0333 or email

Public rentals: See our listing on AIRBNB and search: Acquaviva Winery

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Produced & Bottled in Maple Park, IL

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